The prerelease is finished!
Click the pretzel to download the prerelease of PretzelDash.

What is PretzelDash?
PretzelDash is an adaption of the classic BoulderDash. Since we like the original game a lot and considered it to be funny to code a similar engine, we decided to make PretzelDash for your and our pleasure. You might say 'what's so great about yet another clone?', but you really don't know what you're missing before you've been playing it...
And in fact, PretzelDash is actually much more than just another clone. Download the prerelease to find out more...

Your highscore in the www!
The prerelease contains 10 freely selectable "missions", to give you a slight impression of the hopefully soon to be released final version of the game.
Finishing one of this missions, you get 2 passwords, determined from the time you needed to succeed and the score you were able to gather on this particular mission. If you turn out to be good enough to be admitted to the followingtables, just send an email to plex@bionfx.de, containing the password and your name. We will update thistables frequently.

Click here to see the tables.

What is BionFX?
BionFX actually is a german demo crew. Click here to go to the original BionFX homepage.

BionFX also is...


last updated Dec/27/2000